What Is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the transfer of data from one storage type to another. For many businesses, this is no small task, especially for those in the healthcare industry. However, the undertaking is worth it. With a reduction in operational costs and increased protection and security, it’s no wonder that 88% of healthcare organizations have accelerated their cloud adoption since COVID-19 began. Despite this big move, analysts expect continued growth for cloud migration. According to Data Bridge, the cloud migration market is expected to grow by 26% by 2027.

How is Cloud Migration Helping Healthcare Businesses?

By giving us comprehensive access to our personal medical information, digital technology can make us all agents for change, of pushing for the one thing that we all really care about: a medical system that focuses on our lifelong health and prioritizes prevention as much as it does treatment. Putting people at the center of health care means we will have the information we need to make intelligent choices that will allow us to lead healthy lives.”

– Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman

While a smooth cloud migration helps any business, the healthcare industry may greatly benefit from this transition. With cloud technologies, HCO’s can remain fully HIPPA compliant while ensuring a secure transmission and record storage for both HCO’s and their patients.

Cloud migrations also offer the ability to gain access to patients independent of an organization or doctor’s geographic location. Once data is stored safely in the cloud, HCOs gain further access to patients and can see new patients with ease. In these crazy COVID times, patients love and appreciate flexibility.

The data stores in real-time and is ready for easy viewing and sharing once uploaded.

Aside from increased mobility and IT cost reduction, cloud migration also offers businesses a larger talent pool and collective IT insight. The switch also reduces your business carbon footprint since hard-copy files become unnecessary. 

In today’s Internet Age, our data collection and processes have skyrocketed and seen a robust change. With such a large amount of data processing, healthcare industries need a secure cloud to ensure all records are kept safe, private, and also accessible for those with permission to access patient data.

However, it’s not uncommon for healthcare businesses to face challenges during a cloud migration due to poor execution. Healthcare data is very sensitive and complex and must adhere to specific regulations and guidelines put in place by HIPAA.

It is incredibly important that the agency helping you migrate understands that clinical data often contains different source applications, complex data, and data quality problems. If not done correctly, a cloud migration could end very badly. At Cloud Let’s Go, we are experts in cloud migration, and know to avoid the unfortunate challenges healthcare businesses may face during this transfer. Healthcare businesses can trust that the cloud migration process with Cloud Let’s Go is smooth, ethical, and painless.

Is Your Business Ready To Migrate?

The benefits of migrating to a cloud can not be disputed. That’s why the industry has seen massive growth over the last year and will only continue to skyrocket. However, migrations must be slow, thoughtful, and strategic for them to work successfully. Rushing through the process is not only malpractice, but it can also seriously put you at risk for a security breach. At Cloud Let’s Go, we walk with you every step of the way to ensure bulletproof security and the proper adaptation to the evolving IT infrastructure. 

Our Cloud Care allows organizations to keep the existing platforms they may use to schedule, bill, and review practice management. We work around your current business structure to make the cloud migrations and adaptations consistent with your operations.

Is your business ready for cloud migration? Contact us to learn more about cloud storage and our seamless migration processes.